A Day at the Track

076a2898It is always great to see a parent share with a child the things that they find magical.  The child will find their own way and particular things may or may not excite them or become a sustained interest, but having the opportunity to go to the track and share the sights, sounds, and smells is a gift to both parent and child.  This child seems to have found himself with a bird’s eye view as this trio heads down the hill towards the paddock.

There were many kids at the Petit LeMans and credit to the adults that brought them for the adventure.  Kudos to the crews and teams that readily invite the kids in for a closer look, install them in the driver’s seat, and make sure they get some photos to take home for a memory.  Those interactions may only last a few seconds or a minute, but that experience may be a highlight of the event and most adult motorsports fans can look back and recall similar interactions that were formative.  The best marketing for motorsports isn’t about fancy campaigns or social media metrics.

Camera Settings – 1/400 shutter speed, f/8, ISO 100, 105mm.

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