P3 for LM P3 Class in 2017


The 2016 IMSA Petit Le Mans was the last race for the Prototype Challenge formula.  The new P3 closed-top platform is coming for 2017.  While much remains to be seen in terms of which customers buy and run which cars, a Ligier JS P3 car with ESM Racing stickers in black bare carbon fiber was on display next to the team’s transporter.  No announcements have been made, but it was great to give fans a chance to see the future.  Further down the paddock, a red Ave-Riley P3 car also on display in front of the Viper transporter (Riley ran the Viper racing program).

While it is the class that gets the least amount of respect and attention, the Prototype Challenge formula was never intended to last this long.  2017 will bring a very different look for the prototypes in IMSA.  Even the class will be renamed from “Prototype Challenge” to “LM P3.”

Camera Settings – 1/80 shutter speed, f/5.6, ISO 100, 56mm.

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