Spectators in the Esses at Road Atlanta

076a3834The great weather certainly helped to produce a robust spectator turnout for race day.  No idea what the official attendance numbers were, but thousands camped on the infields, squeezed into parking places along the roads, hugged the fences and prowled the paddock.  Attendance also appeared fairly robust across the days of practice and qualifying leading up to Saturday’s main event.  The prevalence of golf carts alone ought to be a strong indicator.

While it certainly wasn’t standing room only and there was plenty of space at most points to find places to watch, Road Atlanta and IMSA has to be pleased.

The esses are one of the main spectator areas with plenty of camping along the fenceline.  This shot shows the tents, campers, and spectators at the start of the race.  After a rainy deluge that cut short the 2015 event and generally made everyone (except Porsche) miserable, the good weather was very welcome.

Camera Settings – 1/1000 shutter speed, f/4, ISO 100, 200mm

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