Porsche Junior Program for 2016

Want to get a good sense for the next generation of sportscar drivers who will be standing atop podiums in the coming years?  Look no further than the Porsche Junior Program.  Last week, Porsche announced that four drivers would be selected for factory support.  Norwegian Dennis Olsen (19) and Frenchman Mathieu Jaminet (21) join the squad while Italian Matteo Cairoli (19) and German Sven Müller (23) will continue for another year.

Olsen will run in the Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland.  Jaminet, Carioli and Müller will run in the Porsche Supercup which supports the European Formula 1 races.20150516-161021201 The Porsche junior program has a long history of success.

Porsche’s junior program has operated since 1997.  Recognized names such as Timo Bernhard, Patrick Long, Michael Christensen, and Marc Lieb have been developed through the program.   2015 LeMans winner Earl Bamber participated in the 2014 edition of the junior program. American Connor De Phillipi has run as a Porsche Junior driver for the last several years in the Carrera Cup Deutschland series and Porsche Supercup Series.

For my money, Sven Müller is one to watch in particular.  Stay tuned…


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